Hey, I’m Lulu Loya Wu.
I’m here to help you be in a body you love, embrace a nourishing relationship with food, and have the health that you want.

I believe that nutrition is important.

What we eat and what goes in (and on) our bodies impacts our health tremendously.

But that’s not the whole picture. There’s more to it than just food (and exercise).

Our bodies are not simple Input-Output machines. It’s a complex living system where the biochemical, neural, and hormonal are completely integrated with the psychological, emotional and spiritual. Call me a hippie, but the mind and body are not separate, and in truth they both sit at the heart of our wellbeing. Many health approaches focus on addressing our health concerns purely on a physical level, but this may be leaving out some deeper issues which means we don’t get the lasting results we want.

Combining our outer world with our inner world. That’s what I’m about.

If you want to be your healthiest, you can’t have one without the other. Following diets to the tee won’t “fix your problems” or change who you are unless there’s a corresponding inner shift.

I want you to have what you want. For the long-term.

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I’m a bit different, and I really hope my different perspectives and strategies can help you be your best.

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Here’s my Story :)

Before realizing that health + wellness was my true passion, I worked in law and policy. I have two degrees in Law and Commerce, as well as a Masters in Law. You might be wondering, how the heck did that happen? Well to be honest, I wasn’t truly fulfilled doing what I did. And here’s what happened while I was on that path…

When I was in my late teens, I developed an eating disorder.

This went on for 6 years. At first I didn’t even think I had a problem. I thought: I’m not like “other people” who have eating disorders.

For me, my goal was simple: I just need to be a little thinner and then I’ll be happy.

What started as a seemingly straightforward “goal” soon gained a life of its own. I tried different diets all promising the thinner body I chased. And I got so frustrated every time I “fell off the bandwagon” or when my jeans felt too snug. Life became a predictable cycle of being “on track”, then spiralling out of control.

Without realizing it, my sense of self-worth became closely linked to whether I fit the jeans or not.

I never told any of my family or friends, I was good at pretending. As time went on I kept on the same downward path, disliking myself more and more, and wishing I could control myself.

But the more I tried to control, the more I was controlled. My world became increasingly small.


And then I hit rock bottom. In those weakest moments something profound spoke to me. On reflection, this “something” was without a doubt, the soul.

It said: Lulu-belle, just be yourself. Don’t be like others.

From that moment on things started to shift.

Instead of always trying to meet others’ expectations, I discovered the liberating power of “don’t give a damn” letting go and exploring what it is that I wanted.

Subsequently I began learning about nutrition, nourishment, our relationship with food, a beautiful thing called the human psyche, and I started doing movement that I actually enjoyed (dancing, yoga, sometimes CrossFit). I also quit my job in law and policy and started training to be a Coach in Eating Psychology. Best. Decision. Ever.

Founder of Body Meets Mind

Be true to yourself.
You’ll feel better for it.
I promise.

                    – Lulu xx