You, me, and Emotional Eating (Part 2 of 2)

You, me, and Emotional Eating (Part 2 of 2) Featured Image

And now… The juicy part. If you haven’t read Part 1 go ahead and read that first. Remember: Step 1 tells us to not see emotional eating as a bad thing. All eating is emotional, it’s wired into our DNA. Emotions are not terrible and we do not want to get rid of our emotions.

What I learned from my Eating Disorder

What I learned from my Eating Disorder Featured Image

Meet my celebrity-chef, best-selling author, and incredible friend Sarah Dueweke. Her talents aside, Sarah’s got an inspiring personal story when it comes to her relationship with food and body. This is the main reason I asked Sarah to guest-star today, because I think you will learn so much from her personal journey. Sarah is an accomplished chef and she recently released her first cookbook Primal Kitchen – a best-seller as soon as it hit the bookshelves!

You, me, and Emotional Eating (Part 1 of 2)

Hands up if you think emotional eating is when you eat a big bag of chips, sweets, or cookies – not because you were really hungry, but because you felt uneasy, uncomfortable, or anxious somewhere inside, and food provided some comfort or temporary stress-relief.

3 Life Lessons from the most unexpected place

We learn from the unlikeliest of places.
(That’s why it’s important to keep an open mind)
I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I picked up three of Life’s biggest lessons, and I mean huuuuge lessons, from a panda, a turtle, and a goose.

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A letter to all our Mothers

Dearest mums, moms, mamas, and mommas I want to write a letter to you all on behalf of all the adult daughters like me. Once in a while I get stumped on what it means to be a daughter when I no longer need you to drive me places and take care of me like

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3 things that might surprise you about perfectionism

I wanna tackle a viral epidemic that silently takes down its victims with such power that it leaves the host merely a shell of themselves.
No, it’s not a micro-organism with sharp teeth, evil eyes and slimy tentacles that attacks the host cells and cause a myriad of terrible physical symptoms.
This virus – is a belief. With irresistible charm, good looks and great hair.

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Confessions of a healthy eater

Confessions of a healthy eater Featured Image

What happens if you put me and some tiramisu in the same room? I would eat with all the pleasure in the world of course! Maybe you’re judging me… “Aren’t you supposed to be a health coach? You of all people should know that sugar is bad!” Well let me tell you a story: a

How much do you weigh?

How much do you weigh? Featured Image

We can get so attached to numbers. We attach soooo much significance to what they represent and we can base our feelings on a number. A number on the scale can literally make or break someone’s day, maybe yours? If you can relate or you know someone who can relate, you wanna read this…

On Self-doubt and Insecurity

On Self-doubt and Insecurity Featured Image

I’ve been feeling a bit lacklustre lately. There’s been a bit of self-doubt and insecurity in the waters. Do you feel like that at times too? But anyway, in putting fingers to keyboard on the matter I discovered something…

The Energize Challenge is on soon! Are you joining?

The Energize Challenge is on soon! Are you joining? Featured Image

You can sign up for the Energize Challenge beginning on Saturday 21 Feb 2015. Go on a self-explorative journey and see what amazing energy you can unlock. We’ll work on your inner beauty by addressing your relationship with food, dieting, stress or body image. It’s really a different experience, give it a try!