Be who you want to be – Now

How many times have you heard others say or you say to yourself:

  • “I will be more confident after I lose some weight”
  • “I can only be happy if I weigh *random kgs*”
  • “People will only like me if I’m thin”
  • “I can’t be the real me now because I have all this extra weight”

Always postponing happiness to the future, never satisfied with now, and as a result you show up in life as a smaller and a partially muted version of yourself.

Guess what?

If you’re alive now, then life is happening n-o-w.

Don’t miss out on living it now because you’re chasing some future event that you think will somehow change your life.

It won’t.

If you want to change your life, don’t wait, live how you want to live in the future – now.

Think about it: it doesn’t even make sense… If you think you can only be more confident after you lose some weight, what’s stopping you from being more confident now? How exactly will less weight help you be more confident? Will it change your personality? Will you be more articulate? Will you know more jokes? Will you become a kinder and more loving person?

Nope. Weight has nothing to do with your ability to be confident.

There’s nothing stopping you from being who you are now. Except this toxic false belief that you hold.

Drop it. Toss it out, it is not serving you.

Say you want to be a chef – you have to start being a chef by cooking, practising, learning, and doing what you need to do to become a chef. If you want to be a lawyer (say you just finished law school), then you’ll have to start being a lawyer by starting to practise it. If you want to be an artist, you have to think like an artist, do as an artist, and be like an artist now. How else are you going to become those people if you don’t start being them now?

If you want to be more confident or more happy, starting being more confident and happy now.

Nothing will change in the future if you don’t start now.

Weight has nothing to do with it. It’s an excuse you’re unconsciously using to sabotage yourself. Drop it.

Be who you want to be now.

A hippie, a lover, a magician, a scientist, a little kid, a free soul, a happy human… Be that person Now. Life doesn’t wait for you to sort your junk out…

Life is happening now. Join the party!


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