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How much do you weigh?

We can get so attached to numbers. We attach soooo much significance to what they represent and we can base our feelings on a number. A number on the scale can literally make or break someone’s day, maybe yours? If you can relate or you know someone who can relate, you wanna read this…

The Energize Challenge is on soon! Are you joining?

The Energize Challenge is on soon! Are you joining? Featured Image

You can sign up for the Energize Challenge beginning on Saturday 21 Feb 2015. Go on a self-explorative journey and see what amazing energy you can unlock. We’ll work on your inner beauty by addressing your relationship with food, dieting, stress or body image. It’s really a different experience, give it a try!

Get Over It

Get Over It Featured Image

So you don’t have a flat tummy? Don’t have pins like Twiggy? Don’t have *fill in the blank*? Therefore your life is over right?… Maybe not, sister. Maybe you should read this…

How to better your life by 200%

How to better your life by 200% Featured Image

It’s a new year ahead! What a great time to try new things and turn over a new leaf. If you want to up your game in 2015 I have ONE AWESOME TIP for you. And TWO ways to practice it. C’mon and find out…

Is saturated fat “bad”? You decide

The “latest research” can be a battleground of beliefs and theories, all fighting for your buy-in and assuring you that “this time” they got it right. You hear something different today, OK. You hear something different tomorrow, fine. But for the n’th time you hear yet another different thing, you’ve just had it. Who the heck do I listen to? Well actually, it’s YOU.

Be who you want to be – Now

Be who you want to be – Now Featured Image

Do you say to yourself “I can only be happy after I lose some weight?”
What do you think will change after you lose the weight? How will losing weight make you any happier?
It might be time to re-consider this toxic belief you’re holding.

Food and Consciousness: A beautiful doorway

Food and Consciousness: A beautiful doorway Featured Image

When you search “food and consciousness” on the interwebs, the resulting images consist of green apples, blueberries, measuring tape, and people smiling at their salad. As you can see I’ve chosen the image of a tall tree in a forest. This means I’m going to talk about something completely different – are you ready to hear my spin on “food and consciousness”?

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