Is saturated fat “bad”? You decide

Is saturated fat “bad”? You decide Featured Image

Dear wonderful soul,

I feel the need to write this post because something keeps happening that causes you (and people like you) some confusion, anxiety and maybe a bit of frustration.

And that’s the headlines that go:

  • “Saturated fat is bad for you”
  • “No, we were wrong, eat butter”
  • 7 things you’ve been doing wrong to lose the winter pounds
  • 10 things that smart and successful people do (that you obviously don’t)

In a society blessed with freedom of expression, I have no problems with these articles being published. BUT (and it’s a big but, notice the all caps), I do feel dispirited when people read them, feel bad about themselves, feel like they’ve been doing everything wrong, or throw their arms up in despair because it’s frustrating that “experts” say one thing today and another thing tomorrow. Who do I listen to?

When you feel dis-empowered it’s easy to sink into victim mentality.

  • “I’m unhealthy because I’ve been told the wrong information”
  • “It’s the food industry’s fault for mass-producing cheap low quality food”
  • “My busy work and life stresses caused my adrenal burnout”

It’s true, all those things might be valid and factually correct. But…

The difference between feeling powerless (and keeping on blaming “others” for your situation) and having the courage to do something about it despite it being an uphill battle, is mindset.

Some would call this mindset a sense of responsibility. I like to call it being your own Boss.

Here’s how it works…

When you feel like you are the Boss, you don’t just follow what “experts” have to say about something! You listen to their speech about the dangers of coconut oil because you are a gracious and open-minded Boss. But once you hear it, you think about it, and maybe you try out what they recommend.

But in the end you make the decision whether it’s right for you or not.

Your health is truly important to you, so you don’t outsource such pivotal decisions to your advisors (who are all your subordinates, even if they have PhDs and AbCs). They do the leg work to present their findings to you, but in the end, Boss makes the decision.

When you are head-honcho, there’s no room for feeling sorry for yourself or your situation. Your experience tells you that sometimes things work out, and other times they don’t.

There’s a place for “quick fixes”, but most things take time, especially the important ones.

In the grand scheme, as long as you have your feet on the ground and your trust in your heart, things do work out. That’s what makes you a brilliant boss while others are just minions.

So, if something really matters to you, be your own Boss about it.

Be powerful. Be resourceful. Take the time to work on it and learn about it.

Trust in your own wisdom.

Because you are awesome exactly as you are.


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